About Us

The current British 'farmers' market in Heron Square is filled with a small amount of fresh and hot food stalls, which rely on the foot flow through to the river. The market has been seen to decline in popularity over the years and twelve years ago this was a very different story. The market was buzzing and vibrant, full of farmers serving the publics needs with fresh fish from Dover and sausages reared by the person who also serves cheese, bread and an array of quality British produce. This unique selling point meant the market did not need to rely solely on footfall or being used as a passing stop off for a hot snack. This was a place where you would happily spend your Saturday picking up the finest British produce direct from the farmer and because of this, the market attracted people from all over London. Richmond Farmer’s market was a real service to the community of Richmond and was revered by the local residents. 

After 12 years of service to this community we at Beech Hill Farm have a strong bond with the people of Richmond, keeping a close ear on the ground listening to their frustrations and needs. 

Our vision for the future of this market is not only to bring it back to where it once was, but surpass that in a re-launch. As the market is tucked away in Heron Square, it will need the right advertising and balance of farmers, fishmongers, bakers, etc. to revive the faith of the people of Richmond. If it continues to advertise as a plethora of hot food and continues to rely on passing trade, this will result in farmers abandoning the market, which has brought us to the current situation. 

Beech Hill Farm has 30 years in farming and trade from Kew Gardens, Alexandra palace, Putney and many other locations. The farm has strong links with farmers and we have already voiced are vision to re-launch the market at Heron Square and bring it back to life.