Our Vision

Richmond farmers market was established in 2001 and relaunched on the 13th September 2014 by 'Reel Farmers Markets', who have a strong vision of how food should be grown, reared and served. With over 30 years experience in farming and 12 years service at Richmond farmers market, Alex Kyriacou not only knows the plight and woes of the farming community, but also has an unquestionable understanding of the Richmond community's wants and needs from their producers.

The market offers award winning farmers and each stall has been cherry picked to give Heron Square and Richmond the best products, from unpasteurised milk and fresh fish, to the micro dairy-made cheese that it's beautiful setting deserves.

"If the borough of Richmond didn't have a thriving farmers market it would be a serious omission and a dent on our high reputation. Heron Square is the perfect setting, and with Alex (Reel Farmers) at the helm I believe it will be a real success and service to the community."
~Bamber Gasgoine

"With the amazing producers that are coming along it's going to be the best farmers market in west London by a country mile."
~Abra McNamara