We produce probably the best tapenades in the land and also some fantastically delicious Olives too

  • Hook and Son (raw milk)

    Hook and Son (raw milk)

    Phil has been on the farm all his life, establishing the herd in 1959 and gaining tenancy in 1972. Stephen is Phil's eldest son and he joined the partnership in 1991. Our aim is to manage a dairy herd that is truly sustainable; caring for the wildlife and environment around us, whilst making the farm viable enough to support our family. We converted the farm to organic farming methods in 1998, achieving Soil Association certification in August 2000. This means that we farm without the use of any chemicals or routine antibiotics. We sell our milk on our two local milk rounds, farmers markets in London, including Borough Market, and also offer a pioneering nationwide delivery service. Delivering our milk to you straight from the farm means that not only is it extremely fresh, you also know the exact source of your milk. With our weekly newsletter you can really get to feel that you are part of the farm. Don't forget, our milk is raw milk, it hasn't been pasteurised or homogenised, and nothing has been added or taken away. The pastures are free of fertilisers and pesticides. This means that our milk is extremely natural and pure. We work with nature, so that our cows are happy in a stress free environment. The national average life of a dairy cow is six years. Our cows' average age is nine!



    Awaiting synopsis



    Wild Country Organics is a modern organic family farm run by Dr Adrian Izzard, who over the last ten years has developed the growing techniques to produce a wide range of the best tasting organic vegetables and salads.

    The farm is located seven miles south east of Cambridge in Abington and has been organic since 1998. In the summer we specialise in producing a wide variety of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, and salad leaf. We now have 5 acres of glasshouses and grow organic salads and oriental vegetables year round and without heating, improving their flavour and making our protected crops the greenest available.

    We are organically certified by the Soil Association (UK5 G2470) and are fully compliant members of the CMi Assured Produce Scheme.



    Gordon Ramsey has been searching up and down the country for the UK’s best local restaurants. Out of 10,000 nominations Doukan Moroccan restaurant in London has been short-listed as a finalist in the world food category.

    We are a family of food lovers who take pride in using only fresh ingredients and natural products to create genuine home-made Moroccan cooking. All our food is freshly prepared in the UK according to traditional family recipes. I source all ingredients and oversee production personally, so I can be sure that every Nomades product tastes the way it should – without the need for artificial flavourings or colours. Quality and authenticity is our aim. We hope you enjoy the Nomades way of eating.

    ~Abdesslem Khalil

  • Limpopo


    We have been making delicious biltong, drywors, and boerewors since we opened in 2011. Using only the best quality meat and spices, and our philosophy that small scale production with love and care for what we are making, we have maintained an impeccable standard of quality.



    The honey is produced by myself from my own hives scattered about various locations. I first started selling honey December 2013, it has taken me about 3/4 years to finally get honey into jars. All the jars are hand filled, the labels are specific to my product, the honey comb is hand cut, basically everything including popping the labels onto the jar is done by myself. My apiary sites include farmers lands, wildflower meadows, grazing land and wood plantations. All the sites produce very different flavours from various times of the year. Up to now I do not treat the bees with any form of chemical or thymol additions, the hives do not have any form of noxious paints. Every year I do have to consider a varroa control, but so far, so good.



    Portuguese food fresh and local produce tarts cakes etc



    Abycina is a delightful mixture of traditional East African cuisine and modern experimental Street Food. Made with delicious fresh local vegetables and exotic spices, Abycina food is healthy and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.



    Quality shellfish, smoked and wet fish, fish soups and pates.

    Jamie Walker is based near Chesil Beach and the majority of the fish he sells at Saturday’s market will have been caught on the Dorset or Devon coast on Friday. Because if this, what he sells will depend on what the boats bring and therefore his stall will have what is in season. This lwhich can include sea bass, bream, monkfish, lemon sole, mullet, plaice, turbot, brill, lemon/ Dover sole, oysters, lobster, rope-grown mussels and dived scallops. His amazing range of fish and seafood also includes the possibility of whole cooked crabs, homemade crab soup and fishcakes. Most of his fish will already be gutted and scaled, but any other preparation can be done at the market.



    Bliss Brownies all handmade by Jill who uses honey as an alliterative to sugar, Richmond's finest one taste and you realize what a real brownie should tastes like

  • Idri: Fresh and Delicious

    Idri: Fresh and Delicious

    Idri Sweets is a family business producing traditional Algerian sweets and savouries using only the highest quality natural ingredients, such as honey and almonds.

    Our products are handmade in small batches to give a delicious, rich taste. We use age-old traditional recipes with a contemporary twist. Great care is put into the production in order to give you that pleasurable moment!

    So… enjoy the goodness and the difference.



    Our aim is to provide the best products in Richmond with a personal service. We make our own Salamis, Coppas, Black Puddings, Sausage Rolls and Pies.

    This year our pies won a Silver and 2 Bronze awards at the prestigious British Pie Awards at Melton Mowbray, the spiritual home of the British Pie.

    Paul Hughes, our chef, has many years (too many for his liking) experience in top London restaurants including Langan’s Brasserie and St. John, and for eight years was in charge of charcuterie at the Ginger Pig producing their famous Pates, Terrines, Sausages and Pies.

  • Barn Bacon

    Barn Bacon

    Situated between the banks of the River Trent and the edge of Sherwood Forest, we dry cure our bacon and hams. For 20 years we have reared our pigs in deep straw barns to the highest welfare standards. What started as a hobby, one June morning in 1998, has now grown bringing you the taste of the finest pork and bacon products. We dry cure our bacon slowly - the old-fashioned way using time-honoured recipes which eliminates the 'white brine' seen in modern mass produced bacon. The end product being infinitely more succulent and satisfying.

  • Bianca Marton Chocolate

    Bianca Marton Chocolate

    For the Love of Chocolate

    You cannot hear me speak now, but if you could your first question would be - where are you from? Well, I am originally from Hungary but my career moved me to West London 17 years ago with my family. It was meant to be a short assignment, but things have a way of working out differently. This is my home now and I love it but whenever I visit Hungary I am home there too.Here I am, doing what I love to do: making chocolates that put a smile on people’s face. It is great. But how did I get here? It was not straightforward. After getting a degree in economics I worked in large corporations in various planning and logistics roles. I had a busy life that did not leave a lot of time to look beyond the immediate demands of family and work. Then the time came when I got tired of it and wanted to do more for myself. A re-organisation helped me leave corporate life. First I became a coach and met a lot of people who were unhappy with their lives and tried to find out what they really wanted to do. Although coaching felt good, something was still missing. Coaching was a real eye-opener. I realised that I did not get where I wanted to be either. I decided to apply self-coaching and find the answer.

    I did just that. The first discovery I made was that I love creating something tangible. The second one was that I love it when people are happy around me and when I can contribute to it in my own way, be it a laugh, a chat or a particularly nice meal. I always loved baking, so at first I thought I would start doing that again. Then I discovered that I could work with chocolate, and I knew that this was it for me. I took to it immediately. I love everything about it and I am very happy doing it, and that is important to me. I believe in happiness. Happy people live better lives, are healthier and care more for others. I am happy when I make my truffles and I know that this makes a real difference. I am happy to know that my truffles give you some extra joy when you need it.

  • Hog Roast

    Hog Roast

    Awaiting synopsis

  • La Crepe Des Delices

    La Crepe Des Delices

    I am a French chef who moved to Richmond from my home town of Lyon – the gastronomic capital of France! I have brought my business of making authentic, traditional sweet and savoury French crepes to Richmond Farmer Market. I have a wonderful selection of fillings and like to change my menu to make sure my customers always have something new to taste and enjoy.


  • La Stalla

    La Stalla

    La Stalla specialise in salumi, cured meats from the top to the toe of Italy. Varieties from the mountains in Alto Adige, to Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, right down to the spicy South; Calabria, Campania and Sardinia and Sicily.

  • LuLu'z


    Lulu’z is the culmination of a 5 year journey that started with a dream and the question ‘what if’. For many years I was a 9-5 worker always looking for the next challenge.I knew I wanted to do something but I wasn’t sure what if was. A dear friend once said to me ‘Knowing what you don’t want is good,

  • Mo Juicy

    Mo Juicy

    Mo Juicy juices and smoothies supplies nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals in a condensed and natural form that our body loves and requires for optimum health.

  • Q Wild

    Q Wild

    Over 20 years experience in floristry and gardening.we maintain gardens weekly for various clients and are spoilt for choice with garden cuttings we use to create fabulous decor ideas incorporating home grown blooms.we have a passion for everything organic and theme our stand on the concept of "from garden to market".

    At our stand We offer seasonal gardening advice, taking orders for fresh floral deliveries,or discussing styling options for events.

    We are based in kew,we visit various local growers and nurseries daily to buy for individual client request,we work from our garden studio,on request we can arrange availability of specific herbs,plants and flowers for collection on Saturdays at our stand.a visit to our stall to choose from a wonderful selection of the freshest blooms,plants and herbs,all add to a memorable visit of the farmers market in Richmond.

  • Reel farmers Coffee

    Reel farmers Coffee

    The best coffee in town, we use Union coffee a blend called revelation its 100% arabica and served by a trained barista for occasional coffee drinkers to coffee snobs.

  • Wine Culture

    Wine Culture

    Gourmet Culture is the sister website of a website built by a group of professionals working in the food and beverage industry that decide one day to share their passion about Wine & Food and permeate the gourmet and wine culture.Following the success of Wine-Culture we decide to open Gourmet-Culture, an e commerce platform where you can buy the best seasonal product at great value for prices. We select the best food and beverage product to our readers – be it Duck Confit from France or the White Truffle from Italy. Behind these products, we will try to illustrate a story behind the producers so you know where these beautiful food and wine are coming fromWe believe that gastronomy is a culture on its own, through this website, we hope to share our passion and permeate the Gourmet Culture.